Our technology is mathematical model of algorythms of advertisement units selection and sorting to audiencies. Our platform is based on open RTB protocol, and through DSP, it automatizes ads buying. It lets the advertiser to buy not the advertising space on the site, but the user who comes to advertising place, identifying them through cookies, chain of subject apps, platform and mobile device, as well as demography, country and group of interests. We also use other data bases which we accumulated from years of working with all well-known analytical services in mobile marketing field.

Many years of experience and our own development allow us effectively implement individual approach to our customer. Expert swot –analysis of competitive environment provides us with data on successful apps and newest ways of ads campaign running. Our graphic design department efficient work and programm monitoring of ads creatives allow us to create the best selling banners and ads. The data gathered helps us to build effective strategies for customer’s app promotion and save you money.

The most popular
format in mobile advertising.
It is the standard for most
mobile companies.
Can be found inside the content,
for instance, in the newsfeed.

Common advertising format,
which can be adapted to any
mobile dvice.
Just set up a code and the ads
starts working!

An ad, which can be
visible in the moment
between the user ask
for information
and received it.

A very well-known
format of ads placement.
Usually can be located
in the upper and lower
parts of the screen.