Our technology is a mathematical model of selection and sorting algorithm ad units determined by audience. Our platform (based on open RTB protocol for DSP) automates the purchase of advertising, allowing advertisers to buy a user directly, not just a place online, identifying cookies , vertical topical application, platform, and mobile device. Additionally this includes demographics, country, and group interests, as well as other existing databases accumulated over the years, with all the known analytical services in the field of mobile marketing.

Long­term experience and our own developments make it possible to implement an individual approach effectively to the each client. The expert SWOT (analysis of the competitive environment) provides data of successful applications and new ways of conducting advertising campaigns. The debugged work by the department of graphic design and program monitoring advertising creators, allows us to create the best selling banners and ads. These results help us to build effectively promoted strategies of mobile client applications, and saving costs in a significant manner.

This is the most popular
format in mobile advertising,
that is the standard for almost all
mobile campaigns.
Usually it's shown inside of
content, for example, in the news.

Versatile ad format,
adapted for any mobile device.
Ad works just by implementing a code.

Advertising which is shown
to the user between requesting
and receiving info

Widespread format of ad placement,
that localized at the top
or bottom of the screen